Vietnam has become one of the hippest, hottest places in Asia, boasting a staggering growth rate and vibrant youth culture. And yet, the country lacked a contemporary hotel brand for its cool urbanites and the exponentially growing number of likeminded foreign visitors. My clients, a partnership between Indochina Capital and Vanguard Hotels, sought to fill the void with the sleek and stylish Wink Hotels brand.


I wanted Wink’s identity to give voice to this new Vietnam – to be designed for its next generation of savvy travellers. The branding would have to be chic, not cheesy. Bold and sophisticated, but not without a sense of fun. Contemporary and cosmopolitan, but distinctly Vietnamese. The visual identity would need to somehow wink at its clued-in audience. 


To accomplish this, I started with a playful, understated contraction of the right stroke in the logo’s W. This sly-but-simple treatment avoided being an in-your-face depiction of a ‘wink’, while still giving a memorable nod to future fans of the brand. Next, to tie together a huge range of operational and marketing media, I added a slanted tittle above the logo’s I. The graphic device could be used to highlight cultural details in imagery or footage, or to create moments of wit by framing copy. Finally, strict guidelines for curating and creating photography ensured all the traditional and digital applications fully embraced the Wink vision.


Agency / QUO Global