Philippines, known for fun-loving locals and exciting nightlife, is attracting more and more backpackers who hope to connect with both the locale and fellow travellers. To serve these young, hip, budget-conscious consumers, Junction Hostels was opened in the bustling Makati district of the nation’s capital.


The visual identity was tasked with attracting tech-forward domestic and international visitors looking for a comfy, funky and friendly hub. With a growing number of competing hostel brands set to open nearby, the branding for Junction had to really stand out, while remaining cool enough to attract fashionable twenty-somethings.


The logo was designed to be as contemporary as the brand name, with thick rules extending from the modernist typography, placing the word literally at a ‘junction’. These lines became fantastic tools for building out the visual identity across numerous applications. They provided opportunities for creating witty ‘junctions’ and for connecting images,

icons and copy – reinforcing the brand’s irreverent attitude and commitment to bringing its guests together in a

social atmosphere. 

Agency / QUO Global