Travellers to Southeast Asia have long been enchanted by the rich culture of Northern and Central Laos – the quaint, post-colonial streets of Vientiane, the winding lines of orange-robed, alms-collecting monks in Luang Prabang, the mysterious megaliths that make up the Plain of Jars. But far fewer tourists venture down to the outstanding nature and undiscovered villages found in Southern Laos. To build awareness for the region’s many attractions, a destination brand had to be created.  


It’s impossible for a logo to communicate everything about a massive region like Southern Laos, but since the area is virtually unknown, I felt it was important for the logo to immediately give viewers a sense of place. I started with a hand-drawn letterform inspired by Laotian script – its curving strokes conveying Southern Laos’ traditional culture and relaxing, languid way of life. For the primary colour, I chose an earthy shade of green to connote the destination’s abundant natural attractions, reinforcing the brand’s ‘Charming by Nature’ slogan.


Finally, I embedded within the O a fishing boat drifting on the Mekong River below scenic mountains. This illustration was designed to allow colours from background photography be seen through the logo, highlighting the varied tones and beautiful nuances of an off-the-beaten destination poised for future success.

Agency / QUO Global