I couldn’t have been more delighted when my agency won the pitch to create the branding for Athens Tram. Public transportation systems are built to serve their customers for decades, if not centuries, which meant I would have the opportunity to design a truly timeless identity that would become embedded in the city’s culture for generations.


Such an expansive project contained a very high level of complexity. The identity had to work in two alphabets (Greek and English), be highly effective for navigating users within stations and throughout the system, and complement the elegant trams themselves, which were designed by the famed Italian design firm Pinifarina – renowned for their work for Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.


Launching in conjunction with the 2004 Olympics, the tram system promised to reduce Athens’ infamous traffic congestion and the resulting pollution. It was this pro-environment promise that I made the centrepiece of the brand’s visual message. The logo I created featured a deceptively simple mark that could be seen as either an expanding network of tram rails or as a growing tree.


Today, the system continues to grow, with plans for trams to roll into more and more communities in years to come.

Marking each station, the ecology-minded logo will remind future generations of the many benefits provided by public transportation investment.  

Agency / HGV

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