Situated on the top floor of Floral Hall in London’s bustling Borough Market, Roast became an instant icon in London’s restaurant scene. Opened by Iqbal Wahhab – the owner of legendary Indian eatery The Cinnamon Club – the new restaurant promised the then-novel experience of British recipes cooked with market-fresh, seasonal produce procured from stalls below. A continuing success, boasting a cookbook and ever-packed dining room, Roast remains a leader within London’s gastronomy scene.


At the time of launch, the restaurant’s market-to-table concept was groundbreaking, so its branding had to help communicate the fresh take on fine dining. To honour the bounty of the British countryside, its farmers and the market’s sellers, I based the identity around a knot in wood, which I paired with an approachable yet decidedly elegant logotype.


The dynamic wood-knot mark could be morphed into different shapes: A pear on the pudding menu, a bottle on the wine list, stalks of celery on the bar menu. Finally, for the bill at the end of the meal, the mark was shaped as an onion, since both the vegetable and the meal’s cost would bring tears to diners’ eyes.

Agency / HGV