I always love the challenge of combining the rebellious ethos of an innovative new brand and the rich history of the place in which it’s located. Creating these types of brands demands a deep understanding and respect for the local culture, while finding ways to communicate that the business is offering an exciting, original concept.  


The Laos-based Mekong Kingdoms is one such concept. The river cruise company has a flotilla of five ships that navigate oft-overlooked stretches of the Mekong River. In addition to giving passengers a glimpse of traditional life along the waterway, the cruises promise a stylish, sexy atmosphere attuned to the needs of global sophisticates.


The ideal visual identity would need to communicate the type of business (notice the word ‘cruise’ is absent from the brand name); evoke the culture, mysticism and ecology of the Mekong; and be cool enough for the young jet set. The inspiration for the logo came from the legend of the naga, a mythical creature said to live in the Laotian stretch of the Mekong. By entwining two naga tails, I created a mark that recalls the shape of an anchor.


The final logo fulfilled all of is goals: It was rooted in the Laotian culture, suggestive of an aquatic adventure, and based on the aesthetics of traditional nautical tattoos – which in recent years had re-emerged on the arms of trendsetters as signifiers of hippness. 

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Boat room signage
Boat room signage