Named for its owner (Ahmed Siyam Mohammed) and his birthplace’s most important industry (sun-drenched resort islands), Sun Siyam is a multi-sector Maldivian company focussed on tourism – primarily luxury resorts. My mission was to create a logo that could be applied to all of the company’s disparate divisions, which also included transportation, infrastructure and education, while remaining elegant enough to attract the world’s most discerning customers to its

island getaways.


As the brand’s name contains the word ‘Sun’, I knew immediately that if the logo were to contain a mark, it would have to be just that. But in order to include a sun mark, I’d have to find a singular take on this very cliché symbol for tropical resorts.


The solution was to be found in the letter that unites the two words of the brand name. By fluidly linking a set of capital esses, I could simultaneously depict a sun and strengthen the memorability of the name. Within the circular sun mark, I used the right-side-up S as a focal point that could change colour for each of the company’s divisions. The primary gold hue clearly anchored the brand in the luxury segment, while a diverse selection of secondary colours provided the flexibility needed to denote a range of different business interests.  

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Sun Siyam
Sun Siyam