Launched in 2013, the Bangkok-headquartered Asia Atlantic Airlines is a joint venture between a Japanese tour company and Thai hotelier. The charter airline started with flights between Bangkok, Tokyo and Osaka and has ambitions to eventually grow beyond its Asian roots.


While the word ‘Atlantic’ might not yet describe the airline’s routes, it did provide me with a foundation for building the visual identity. I used the repeating letter A from the brand name as the basis for a circular mark. The arc of each A acts as an arrow, transporting the passenger from one place to another, while the curve of the strokes pays subtle tribute to Thai scripts. Together, the three As create a sense of movement and flight.


Of course, the identity was then expanded to a multitude of applications, from uniforms and security cards to videos and posters. But my favourite applications are the planes themselves, which I get to see at the airport, donned in the distinctive, swirling livery, whenever I fly in and out of the country.  


Agency / QUO Global