After the success of the Nobel Prize stamps I created for the ceremony’s 100th anniversary, the Royal Mail again commissioned me to create a set of stamps honouring brilliant achievements. This time, the series would be dedicated to a topic very near and dear to my heart: British design. 


The UK, my adopted home at the time, has been the birthplace for some of the most influential design in the world, and a panel of experts had the exceedingly difficult task of narrowing the nation’s great history down to just 10 items to be featured on the British Design Classics series of stamps. The emblems they chose included the miniskirt, the Concorde jet and the iconic red telephone booth (now sadly near extinction due to the ubiquity of mobile phones). My not-so-simple job was to show off these illustrious works of design in a format only slightly larger than a penny.  


I took a restrained approach, using strong, geometric photography set against a minimalist white background, paired with clean, unobtrusive sans-serif text. By employing such simple design, I allowed the viewer to fully appreciate the striking silhouettes and colours of each item.


Like the Nobel Prize stamps, the British Design Classics series garnered extensive praise and were covered in outlets including The Guardian, Creative Review, The Times, BBC and Cool 

Agency / HGV

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